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Medical Lien Agency helps health care providers by managing, negotiating, and resolving medical liens against a patient's personal injury case to maximize the funds received for your practice.

  • No upfront costs to your office


  • We get paid a percentage of what we successfully receive from the patient’s medical lien obligation

We handle all paperwork, correspondence, and disputes directly. We get paid based on how much money we receive from the patient’s lien amount so we are incentivized to receive the maximum amount of money possible for your office.


With our services, your office can spend more time and resources towards working on growing and maintaining other aspects of your practice, while we handle the medical lien process for you.

There are many types of Doctors who provide care to patients on a lien against a personal injury case. These patients may not have any insurance or have already been denied coverage by No-Fault. Rather than spend the time and money in arbitration to only receive pennies on the dollar, Doctors let their patient, the Plaintiff in a personal in jury case, receive care on a lien. Some of the most common Doctors attended by Patients/Plaintiffs are: Chiropractors, MRI Facilities, Neurologists, Orthopedists, Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physical Therapists, Physiatrists, Plastic Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Radiologists.

Does your patient need an Attorney?

Our extensive network of Attorneys and Law Firms are available for free consultations. 

Contact us today before it's too late to help you on the liens!

Personal Injury lawsuits that may have medical liens include:

Medical Malpractice                         Landlord Negligence
Motor Vehicle Accidents                  Slip and Falls
Motorcycle accident                         Trip and Fall
Boating accident                               Dog Bite
Products liability                                Construction accident
Bicycle accident                                Pedestrian accident
Hit and Run                                         Work Place Injury
Taxi accident                                       VIA accident

UBER accident                                   Wrongful death
LYFT accident

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