You no longer have to stress about Medicare, Medicaid, or any other liens!

Medical Lien Agency works with Plaintiff's Attorneys to help maximize their client's take home by managing, negotiating, and resolving Medicare and Medicaid Liens. We save firms time and increase the clients take home!

  • No costs to your firm.

  • No upfront costs to your client.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing all claims and taking the necessary steps to dispute claims when needed. We handle all paperwork, correspondence, and disputes directly. 

With our services, your firm can spend more time and resources towards working on client’s cases and growing and maintaining other aspects of your practice, while our efficient process resolves the medical liens resulting in faster payouts.

Need to locate a Health Care Provider to treat your client on a lien? 

Our extensive network of Physicians in all areas of medicine are here to serve you . Let us help you help your client today. 

Want to learn more about how this works? Get in touch!

Personal Injury lawsuits that may have medical liens include:

Medical Malpractice                         Landlord Negligence
Motor Vehicle Accidents                  Slip and Falls
Motorcycle accident                         Trip and Fall
Boating accident                               Dog Bite
Products liability                                Construction accident
Bicycle accident                                Pedestrian accident
Hit and Run                                         Work Place Injury
Taxi accident                                       VIA accident

UBER accident                                   Wrongful death
LYFT accident